2019 Song List…

For the Haslemere Worship Song List 2019: Click here

we want the meetings to be…

a)   high quality (doing things as well as we can for the glory of God, giving members value for money)

b)   a safe space – for everyone, including those who are discovering their gifts, so that when things go wrong we learn and grow rather than blame and resent!


Worship Music Leaders need to…

1.    Create a ‘playlist’ ahead of the house-parties, with a bank of songs to include: old / new, doctrine / experience, (ideas / feelings), we / I. This will include suggestions of 6-8 songs per meeting, following the themes given by the talks.

2.    Communicate with leaders of meetings in helping them choose the songs form the playlist and decide a running order. Also work with leaders of meetings as to how the songs will flow or if there will be breaks. 

3.    Check there is music (manuscript not just chords) for all songs on the playlist.

4.    Collaborate Work out which meetings members will play at, and which leaders. Oversee practices and ensure that those of developing ability get their opportunities to grow and participate.

5.    Cheer on the team! Aim for as high a standard as possible, while allowing for the fact that there are lots of differing abilities.

6.    Co-ordinate other music activities: Because there are limits to what can be done in a Meeting, plan for an extra slot of musical worship during the week where people can have more sung worship time. If possible, provide a range of other musical activities eg choir, song-writing, guitar jam, late-night-worship.