+ Where do the Ventures take place?

Our New Year, Easter and Summer holidays take place at The Royal School, which is a boarding school on a hill just outside Haslemere, Surrey. It's about 12 miles from Guildford and an hour from London.

Our holidays in October (for School Years 6-8) are at Cumnor House School in Danehill near Haywards Heath, Sussex.

We don't own the schools, but hire them during the holidays when they have the sites available for us to use.

+ How do I get to Haslemere?

We're at The Royal School, at the top of Farnham Lane in Haslemere; point your SatNav to GU27 1HQ! Note that there are several entrances from Farnham Lane onto the school site; if you see the entrance to 'Kilmorey Hall' stay on the road until you see a sign to 'Stoatley Hall'. We'll usually put up a banner with our logo as well! Note that the school is on a hill and landing a helicopter may be awkward. If you're coming by train, head for Haslemere station. We'll suggest a suitable arrival time before the holiday starts, and will arrange to pick up anyone who lets us know they're arriving on that train.

+ How do I get to Danehill?

For information on how to get to Danehill click here

+ What time should I arrive and can I get a lift from the Haslemere train station?

If you're coming by train, head for Haslemere station. Please arrive between 3pm and 4pm on the day the Venture starts (For New Year Reunion, please arrive at 1pm). We will arrange to pick up anyone who lets us know they're arriving on that train.

+ What time does the holiday end on the last day?

Our Venture holidays all end at 10am on the last day (apart from the New Year Reunion, which ends at 1pm). We can transport members to Haslemere train station on the last day, if needed, for the Ventures based at the Haslemere site.

+ What do my fees cover?

Within our mainstrean Haslemere Ventures your fees cover the accommodation, meals and most activities during the week. There are some trips that may not be covered; these vary each time, and we'll let you know what trips are available before the Venture begins, including how much money to bring for them. The cost of the trips Haslemere@Danehill Ventures are included within the booking price. Note your fees don't cover travel at the start and end of the holiday and you need to make your own travel arrangemnets to get to and from the site.

+ How do I pay my remaining fees?

When you have paid your deposit you will be provided with a personalised reference number to pay the balance through the Ventures website, or this can be done by cheque if preferred.

+ Is there any financial assistance to help with fees?

We understand that not everyone can afford to pay the full fees, and subsidy funds are available. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this. If you're part of a church or youth group, they may also be willing to make a contribution. We can also reduce the cost of trips if there is a genuine financial need. For more information on bursaries, please click here.

+ Is food provided in the price?

Yes. Breakfast, lunch and evening dinner are provided. This includes dinner on the first evening, and breakfast on the last morning. Light refreshments are available in the morning and afternoon, along with cocoa in the evening. You're also welcome to bring money for the tuck shop! Packed lunch will be provided on trips if you'll be out at lunchtime.

+ Am I able to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your place on the holiday at any time before the balance of the price is due and you will be entitled to receive a full refund less your deposit. Please note that if you cancel your holiday we may have already incurred costs on your behalf. As a consequence:

1 - if you cancel less than 6 weeks before the price is due, you must still pay 50% of the holiday price.

2 - if you cancel less than 3 weeks before the price is due, you must still pay 75% of the holiday price.

3 - if you cancel on or after the start date of the holiday, you will owe us the full holiday price. To read CPAS Ventures' booking terms and conditions in full, please click here.

+ What should I pack?

As well as your usual clothes, bring a towel and toiletries. Bring a Bible to use in the meetings and group times. A named water bottle. Bedding is only provided at the Haslemere site - at Danehill you will need to bring your own bedding (e.g. sleeping bag or duvet, pillow, sheet). We will be making the most of the extensive grounds for games, activities and walks, so please bring suitable outdoor clothing and shoes and a torch. Plenty of water-based activities, so bring your swimming gear. We shall also be using the sports hall, which is large and well equipped; for this please bring suitable sports shoes. Please name all clothing etc. Please note that any valuable items (e.g. mobile phones, iPods etc) and money are brought to the Venture at your own risk. You will need some money but not a vast amount, so think carefully about how much you bring and be responsible with your personal belongings when you are at Haslemere or Danehill. Personal stereos with headphones are allowed, but do not bring larger electrical items, laptops, TVs or game stations.

+ Can you accommodate my dietary requirements?

When you book you'll be asked for info on dietary requirements. We can almost always accommodate common dietary needs, for example if you're vegetarian or have an allergy. If your dietary needs are more complex, for example if they have a serious effect on your health, it's best to get in touch to discuss this before the holiday starts.

+ Do I need to bring any extra money?

The cost of the Haslemere@Danehill Ventures (in October) are included within the booking price. There will be a tuck shop and merchandise available to purchase at all our Ventures, so you may like to bring some money for that. Within our mainstream Haslemere Ventures you will need to bring money to pay for extra trips; details will be provided before the start of the week. We do not take responsibility for any valuables you have with you, but we are able to look after your money while you're on the Venture.

+ What if I need to bring medication or have any other needs?

Tell us as much as possible on the application form. When you arrive we'll arrange for any medication to be stored in an appropriate place. A qualified first-aider will ensure you take this at the right times and will be aware of any specific needs you have. If you have any other requirements it's best to get in touch with us to ensure we are aware of this and can meet your needs.

+ Do I have to be a Christian?

Our members are a mix of people who are from Christian and non-Christian backgrounds. We are a Christan holiday and there is Christian teaching throughout, but all young people are welcome whether or not you would call yourself a Christian. We do ask that you listen respectfully, but there is freedom to ask questions and decide for yourself what you believe.

+ Do I have to be part of a Church or Youth Group?

You're welcome to come whether or not you're part of a church or group. If you are in a youth group, why not invite them to come with you? If you're not currrently part of a church or youth group and enjoy the holiday, you might like to join a group when you go back home. Our leaders could help to put you in touch with one if you like!

+ Can I bring my car?

If you're old enough to drive and have passed your test you can bring your car, but we'd encourage you not to use it during the week. We can't take responsibility for the safety and security of your vehicle during the holiday. You must not drive anyone under 18 in your car during the holiday as their parents have only given permission for leaders to transport them.

+ What's the accommodation like?

You'll be staying at the school boarding house – so you'll have a proper bed and hot showers, with no camping involved! You'll be sharing a dorm with between one and six other people of the same sex, who will be around your age. Bedding is provided, but you'll need to bring your own toiletries and towels.

+ What's a 'dorm' group?

For some activities you'll be placed in a 'dorm'. This is usually the same people you're sharing with, but if you're sharing smaller rooms your dorm group may be split between several actual dormitories. A small group of leaders will be allocated to look after your dorm group during the week.

+ Can I choose who's in my dorm?

We let you know which dorm you're in when you arrive, and ask that you respect any decisions we've made. If you do want to share with specific people, you can name them when you make your booking. We'll do our best to accommodate your request if this works with our planning, for example, depending on age groups.

+ Do I have to take part in all the activities?

There are some activities that you have to attend, including mealtimes, our morning/evening meetings and 'dorm times'. You also need to cooperate with your dorm leaders in going to bed at the same time as everyone else! Other than that, you can choose which activities you take part in. We do encourage everyone to take part in as much as possible and make the most of the week, but take some time out to relax when you need to!

+ Am I allowed to leave the site?

For Haslemere@Danehill you need to stay on site at all times, apart from organised trips. For our mainstream Haslemere Ventures you need to be on site for the activities that everyone does, including meals and going to bed, but during the day there will be free time when you can leave the site if you wish. You'll need to 'sign out' so we know where you are, and go in a group of at least three. You'll need to make sure you return when you need to be on site, e.g. at the next mealtime! There will also be trips when most people will go out together. Please note that you're not allowed off site after 6pm, apart from for organised trips.

+ What is your Safegurading Policy?

At Haslemere Ventures we take the position of care that we have for our members very seriously. This is why we partnered with CPAS Ventures originally, so that Haslemere could become an even safer place. Therefore we work under the Safeguarding Policy of CPAS Ventures in the work that we do.

+ Can anyone visit my Youth Group to promote Haslemere Ventures?

Yes. For more info and for promotional materials, please click here.

+ What are the charities behind Haslemere Ventures?

Haslemere Ventures is one of about 80 Ventures. Ventures are run by CPAS, registered charity number 1007820 (England and Wales) and SC039082 (Scotland) at CPAS Ventures and Falcons, Sovereign Court One (Unit 3), Sir William Lyons Road, Coventry, CV4 7EZ.

The work of the Haslemere Ventures is supported by the Limpsfield Trust, a charitable Trust whose Trustees are people who have attended and benefitted from the Ventures in past years. The Limpsfield Trust is a registered charity (273213) and can only continue its work due to the gifts of supporters.

+ What are the CPAS Ventures terms and conditions ?

To read the full CPAS Ventrues terms and conditions of booking, please cick here

+ Can I provide financial support to Haslemere Ventures?

Haslemere Ventures can only continue its work due to the gifts of supporters. Thank you so much for all your continuing generosity.There are various methods to enable you to support the Limpsfield Trust financially. For more information, click here.

If you still have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!